PAROV STELAR// ALL NIGHT (nico pusch edit)

dress: asos// jacket/hat: H&M// shoes and clutch: zara

heyyyyyyo! I'm off to my friends now but I wanted to share this look with you :)
hope you like it x



Hey beauties! Today it's time to tell you something about the Vox secret spa night I went to last week in Stuttgart!
So when I arrived I was welcomed by a great atmosphere, moreover the location was just dope!
About 12 bloggers where invited and we all came along with each other very well!
The dresscode was "all in white" and also the location was leant against this motto.
Moreover, the food was really great, although I did not have much time there to eat that much, because I was literally talking all the time, haha (in the end I did regret it).
Anyway, Liebeskind, Thomas Sabo, and MAC were there to present us the latest collection of their stuff, which I really liked! Kodak was also there taking pictures of us all and printing them directly out afterwards. The staff at this "Buddha Lounge" was just so sweet and gave us a good time. We even got our own bottle of champagne with our name on it!
After a time a presentation was held for us by RTL. They told us about a new project called "The Runway", hosted by RTL and VOX which will be released in not such a long time, AND I AM PART OF IT!
So far, I can not really tell you what is going to change here, but it's definitely going to be a great help for me to have such big companies standing behind your back, helping you with your layout etc.

Well, "The Runway" is not a TV show or anything like that, it's going to be a blogger portal on the internet where a few bloggers are selected to post their stuff:)

BUT the most important thing is that this is MY blog, also in the future, so I'm not gonna change anything for someone else just because they want to, but I'm thinking about doing more with videos, or trying a few other things, but anyway let's wait for it to happen!
I'm pretty excited about everything so far and I will tell you more about it when I do know more about the project!

Anyway, I'm heading to the gym now, afterwards going to uni again!
Enjoy the pictures below and see you soon ♥
lots of love x

Sonja from shoppisticated



I lolololove this song! Soooo layed-down :) It's the weekend!
And for this occasion I present you this outfit I really like for spring time.
What do you guys think of it?
I've had a tight schedule the whole week, and today we helped a friend of our's to move houses, now we're gonna go to the park and chill in the sun.
Have a great one x



dress: 24,58 Euro 35.12 Euro   // baseball tee: 9,83 Euro 16,86 Euro

I'm going to sleep early tonight, but I just wanted to show you these two cool pieces I ordered from Asos Sale. I loooove the sales and I think that these two pieces are pretty cool. Of course the dress is a bit more exciting, but nevertheless I like the plain tee, too. Go and check their sale out, Asos sales are always toooo good I'm so proud of myself that I did not go crazy in that variety of products, haha.

good night, sleep tight x



Do you know these kinda (sun)days, where you're just chilling and seizing the day as it is without complaining about anything? Well, today is one of these days.
We just came back from lunch at Moschmosch which was amazing, especially the green tea ice cream, yuuuuuuuuuuuuum! I'm totally into Matcha tea at the moment, my friends are even laughing at me because of that, haha. But it tastes too good AND is healthy at the same time (and expensive, the only negative thing, haha).
Okay so today I do not need anything but sunglasses and some fresh lemonade, btw I'm chilling on the terrace right now because I did not want to go inside to do this blog post. It's so much cooler to sit outside here aaah I love it!
For the days where you need a little more than just the sun, where you need that extra "glam", I want to give you a review on this lip tint from H&M in the colour "raspberry red".

At first I was unsure on how this product was going to be because I had no idea on how makeup from H&M is, just because H&M is definitely not famous for their makeup.
But because not many were talking about this product before I thought I could give it a try.
For 3.95 Euro it was also quite affordable.
The packaging reminds me of MAC products and at first I thought that the formula would be sheer with a little tint to it.
Well, I was wrong.
It's the most intense colour EVER. You need the tiniest amount to use it for your whole lips and after that they have a VIBRANT raspberry colour. So cool. So far I have not managed to use it just as a little tint to give my lips just a little colour, because most of the time I use too much of the product, that's just how intense it is.
Moreover it has a matte finish, which makes it even cooler. If you see it in the shops, definitely give it a try! They also have a few other colours, this was just the perfect one for me.
I'm gonna stop now because my laptop gets a bit too hot outside here.

Wish you all a great rest of your sunday and I hope you enjoyed your day in the sun as I did/do :)

lots of love x


Kelvin Jones // Call You Home (D.O.C.S Remix)

Wow. I'm so tired. But. I. Can. Not Sleep. BECAUSE! the weather is too beautiful :)
AND it's friday! I love the song above, it's the perfect song to start your weekend chilling in the sun. In a few minutes I'm gonna leave into the sun again, but before that let's talk to you guys for a sec!

I won't tell you a lot about yesterdays Vox secret spa night, because the post about it will go up next week. Why? Because one last event of it is hosted next week and they do want us to keep this secret that the other bloggers who where not there so far are suprised!

The dresscode was  "all white" so I chose my suit I got from Zara sale a while ago. And I love it!
I paired it with this vintage silk top, jewelry from H&M.
I wanted to make everything look nice and clean and this gooooorg clutch from Zara was just perfect for this occasion!! I can also imagine wearing this in summer with an orange tee or so. Such a cool staple and moreover the text is just hilarious good.

Stressed but well dressed.

This is kinda my motto at the moment, because I came home from Stuttgart tonight at 2.30 am and I had to get up at 6 again to crash into my lecture in uni. yay. BUT now it's done.

Enough talking. Enjoy.

lots of love x